Thursday, April 17, 2014

Trip to Savannah...Part II

There are so many gardens in Savannah. Pretty much, most of Savannah is this wonderland of flowers and trees. One of the main attractions in Savannah is Forsyte Park. It's a large park that is centrally located in the city. It's beautiful and I had the pleasure of staying at a bed and breakfast across from it so I got to walk through it everyday I was there! Lets check out some pictures! 

The only downside to Forsyte Park is the amount of tourist there. It can be really difficult to get a shot of the fountain without a bunch of people taking pictures. If you don't have a camera that can take a quick shot then you might yourself with a bunch of strangers in the photo. I thought Savannah was very picturesque and I would love to visit again. 

Hope you have a lovely Thursday!! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Trip to Savannah... Part I

During Spring Break I took a trip to Savannah, Georgia! Ryan had a conference to attend so I figured why not tag along and just explore the little town. I must say that Savannah is an architecture's wet dream. The houses are so beautiful there. The gardens are beautiful there. Seriously everything is beautiful there. I'm going to do the pictures in a few parts. The first part is going to be pictures of just buildings and houses. Tomorrow I'll share some pictures from the gardens and flowers. Enjoy!! 

Have you've been to Savannah? 

If you  haven't you must take a trip there! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Passover!!

Happy Passover!! 

I took the day off today so I can cook our Passover dinner. The brisket is in the crockpot and we still have tons of errands to run before I can do the rest of the meal. Normally we spend our Passover with Ryan's father but because of my student teaching and his research we couldn't travel this year. We plan to travel next year for sure. It's more fun when you have a bunch of people at the table. 

Happy Passover!!

Do you celebrate Passover? 

Alrighty! I hope everyone has a lovely day!