Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Book Review: The Night Circus


When you are thinking about a book months after reading it then I would say it was a really good book. Unless it was so awful you can't help but think about it. Fortunately, that is not the case for The Night Circus. I heard about this book from the blogosphere; I actually didn't know what it was about but just the name. 

I found it on the Kindle for a cheap price so I bought it! I was so glad I did because it is such a good book. I think I might read it again. 

The book has 2-3 storylines that intertwine each other eventually coming together completely. It involves magic, magicians and circus folk. They all work for The Night Circus which seems to go on forever. When you read this book you really do get taken away into this circus world and you really wish this circus was coming to your town. I felt the writer did such a great job at describing the magical changes that occurred the book. You were able to visualize it perfectly. 

I believe one of the reasons I didn't know much about this book is because it is really difficult to describe. All I can say is go read it. It's a quick read and you'll be thankful you did once you finish it. 

What have you've been reading lately? 

I'm currently reading Burial Rites and The Tiger's Wife. Will review those once I'm done!

Have a Happy Wednesday!! 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Story by Pictures: The Side of The Road..

Bladders were bursting and stomachs were growling. We really needed to pull over. We were hoping to see signs for a rest stop but all we saw were these gigantic and brightly colored ads saying...'come get some food with us.... ' The minute we pulled onto the road we knew we had entered into our own horror movie.

Hope you enjoyed my story by pictures!! 

Have a Happy Tuesday!! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Life Lately and Instagram!

I'm all done with student teaching!!! Yay!  *throws confetti into the air*.

Almost year ago this month I was accepted into a teacher licensure program. At first I didn't think I would get in when I applied but I applied anyway and I got in! Then, there was the matter of finance. How was I going to be able to afford schooling again?? I managed to get a few grants and I did take out loans and we went through our finances to see if we can afford me not working for a year and then I was back in school! 

I was fortunate that I didn't need a lot of classes to complete the program because I pretty much did everything I could do within 6 months so I can do student teaching this spring. That means I took 9 classes in 6 months. ( Insanity). Then I did student teaching, for those who don't know what that is basically you are the teacher for 10-12 weeks while the actual teacher helps guide you and evaluates you. It's pretty intensive when you go from 'in theory' to actual practice. Anyway, it was lots of fun and I'm gonna miss those monsters. 

So what's next?? Basically finding a job. I'll be substituting until the end of the school year. I'm pretty confident I'll find a job by the next school year. 

In the meantime I'll be organizing my shop and get back to a regular blogging schedule. My goal is to make things more organized that way when I do start teaching I won't be so overwhelmed between teaching and the shop. I'll also try to take advantage of this nice weather as much as possible! 

Good news is Ryan is going to be home for a few weeks doing work at UVA instead of at Duke so that means we might have a regular life for a few weeks!! This past weekend we decided to do some walking around and go to cafes. Charlottesville has lots of cafes and I love just getting some coffee and reading. 
We also took a stroll around the UVA campus. The campus is really beautiful. 

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What have you've been up to lately?

Hope you have a Happy Monday!!